Giving performers the edge

Your individuality as a vocal artist is priceless – at the core of your art.  It’s also what sets you apart. Without your voice your identity as an artist is lost.

My job is to ensure you get the attention, training, strategies and advice that will ensure that you and your voice are free to fly and sing !

emerging butterflyWhy me?: I am a very experienced singing teacher, performance coach and Performing Arts Medicine Specialist, who has worked with thousands of singers and singing teachers from around the world. I love nothing more than to share my know-how, extensive range of resources and experiences to help you optimise your singing and performance experience.

What I do:

  • Prepare singers for touring, shows, recording and auditions
  • Assess and triage singers who are experiencing health issues affecting their voice
  • Help singers to quickly return to singing after vocal injury or surgery
  • Eliminate limiting beliefs that impact the singer’s singing, performance and career
  • Advise singers who have decided to forge a career as a working singer, teacher or music artist

How to book: Please email via CONTACT page.

I offer singing lessons, voice and vocal training lessons, vocal health advice, performance confidence training, singing workshops, singing teacher training in Hampstead, London, Pirbright, Guildford.  Learn  how to improve your singing voice and vocal performance through innovative one on one singing lessons and voice coaching.