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A man of wisdom delights in water. Confucius 1. Keep well hydrated  Your vocal folds (cords) need moisture to help them slide over each easily for sound production and pitch adjustment. Hydration comes from drinks and food (veggies and fruits). You need enough to make pale straw coloured pee. 2. Prolonged pain, huskiness, loss of voice and […]

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I love quotes, I collect them to inspire others and myself; as a teaching tool and to understand the world better. This quote, by the American football coach Vince Lombardi, has been proven to me over and over in my vocal studio.  I used to be quite baffled when I encountered singers who were focused, […]

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I am a huge TED fan. TED is a small nonprofit organisation devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. On the site you’ll find a collection of videos of people who speak at the TED conferences held around the world through out the year. These people share their innovative, creative thoughts, inspiring ideas, knowledge, skills and experiences. On […]