What I do

‘The only reason for mastering technique is to make sure the body does not prevent the soul from expressing itself’. – La Meri

Hear, hear I say!

I teach people how to apply a healthy and balanced vocal technique to their voices so they can go out and SING. I also incorporate performance mind set techniques and deliberate practice strategies to suit an individuals needs, once again to help the singer to perform with ease..

These are achieved through the application of vocal exercises (scales and sounds), singing songs, discussion, mental exercises and set practice regimes. I will do as much or little as the client wants me to do when it comes to pushing them. Some people only want to work when they see me others want a full on regime to work on between sessions.

The bottom line

A good vocal technique gives the singer the freedom to explore their creativity but without the right belief system talent can not be recognise and utilised. As a nurse my training included understanding  human psychology. This training has been invaluable in my teaching. I have come to realise that one can be a fantastic singer and performer but if you don’t believe you can do it you may never reach your potential. Limiting beliefs such as ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘ People won’t like me’ or ‘I will look a fool’ can totally ruin your dream of singing publicly. I read and talk prolifically about talent development, neuroscience and personal development strategies. (See recommended reading). I have completed to level 2 of  the Lefkoe Belief Process, to eliminating limiting beliefs.

I use a combination of strategies tailored to the individual to help them sing and perform to their optimum. At times I may advise and refer a client on to work on areas I am not qualified or trained in. This may include counselling, NLP, hypnotherapy, osteotherapy, physiotherapy etc.

Who I help

The Studio

The Studio

Vocal fitness and training

I work with singers; pro, semi pro and amateur. Usually they come to me to improve their vocal control, balance, intonation (pitching), range, strength, tone, vibrato etc. I love helping people get into the ‘mix’, so they can sing with ‘one voice’, i.e. a seamless and strong blend from the bottom to the top of the range and back down again.

Singers from a wide range of contemporary genres come through my studio door, along with musical theatre singers and the occasional classical singer who wants to sing with a better vocal balance (i.e. adding in a bit of chest resonance, (oo-ah). I have pro and hobby singers, signed and developing artists alike coming in.

Voice therapy through vocalisation

Examples of the types of vocal conditions that I work on with include: vocal nodules; damage due to gastric reflux or vocal overuse; vocal fold (unilateral) paralysis; vocal cysts/polyps; haemorrhage and post laryngitis/viral conditions.

The exercises and vocal health advice I give to such clients supports medical advice and treatment. If I see a new client who thinks they have a vocal problem I will perform a vocal health assessment to ascertain if the problem requires medical attention. If is it evident there is potential vocal damage then I will refer the person on to a relevant medical professional before carrying on any further.

If some one is referred to me from the medical world I will use vocal exercises and vocal health education to help them get their voice back into a healthy and balanced place so they can continue on singing or working with their voice unhampered.

I have a great network of medical and health professionals I can refer clients on to. Better to be ‘safe than sorry’ when it comes to the voice, as the vocal folds are not easily replaceable.

I also see professionals who want or need to sing as part of their work e.g. actors, music teachers and non singers who have been recommended to me for vocal therapy by a medical professional.

Who I teach

My client list includes local and international performers, all ages and most contemporary styles ( I don’t teach extreme vocal styles such as scream or growl). I help professionals from Gospel, R&B, Rock, Pop, Jazz, World and Musical Theatre as well as non-professionals who just want to feel confident singing at the next Christmas party!

Some notable singers I’ve worked with (actually all the singers I work with are notable!)

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As well as Aviv Geffen (Israel), Alesha Dixon, the diva of divas Ms Grace Jones and labels such as Asylum Records, Universal Records, Polydor and Capital.

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and whats more…

I continue to attend master classes, workshops, seminars and courses to maintain a high standard of education and training. I am a member of PAVA, the British Voice Association (BVA) and the Musician’s Union (MU) and the Performing Arts Medicine Advisor for Vocology in Practice. I have my own voice lessons to ensure my voice stays in shape. When possible I attend music industry events such as First Monday, MIDEM , IAJE , City Showcase etc to network and remain current with music industry trends and changes.

How can we get there?

One2one, workshops in person or online,

• Vocal technique

Performance coaching

 A Health Assessment

Vocal workouts and warm-ups

Health advice for professional voice users and singers

As a BAST Trainer I also provide singing teacher training for singers who wish to learn how to be a one2one teacher and increase their earning potential.

Throughout the year I run singing courses on performance skills, performer mind-set and singing teacher training.

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