Artist development

 I really love working on Artist Development.  It is fantastic watching performers growing and realising their full potential.  One such artist I’ve been working with for several years is Carrie Haber.  Many people in the music industry LOVE her and anticipate big things, and for good reason. She has recently been signed to Fairwood Publishing…yay.


As well as working one to one, I also team up with some of the industry’s best songwriters and producers – to help develop artists from the UK and across Europe.  My expertise is generally, but not exclusively focussed on vocal and performance training as well as career planning and developing the mindset of a successful performer through goal setting, planning and implementation, confidence building, motivational techniques, image development, elimination of limiting beliefs, performance skills, creativity, defining USPs and application of good practice techniques.

I work with performers from a vast range of backgrounds and styles.  I never interfere with an artist’s style.  It’s often that authenticity which draws me to an artist in the first place.  I strive to free an artist up vocally, physically, emotionally and mentally so they can explore their art to its fullest potential.  Like polishing a diamond you could say.

At times I refer artists on through my network of industry specialists.  Further areas of development may include vocal style development, song writing, instrumental development (piano and guitar), music business, studio skills, harmony singing etc.

I offer full and part scholarships to artists with potential. Click HERE to check out the criteria and conditions.

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