The Performer’s Edge Course

Develop the mindset of a successful performer 

This live online course is delivered in 12 hours over 4 weeks. Consisting of 4x 2-hour group classes and 4x 1-hour one2one sessions with Line to eliminate limiting beliefs using The Lefkoe Method and individual goal setting.


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We will focus on developing the right mindset for success in the music/singing world no matter what level you wish to achieve.

  • Are you frustrated with your lack of achievement as a performer?
  • Do you find your nerves get in the way of allowing you to give your best performance?
  • Do your goals and dreams of success seem/feel elusive?
  • What could you achieve as a performer if only you understood how to get there?
  • Don’t allow your limiting beliefs to dictate your future as a performer…get rid of them forever!

Who is this course for?

Performers and artists who want to dig deep to find out how they can reach their goals and aspirations.

Eight good reasons why you should do this course

  1.  To ensure you bring into reality your dream of success as a singer/performer
  2. To formulate an executable strategy to pursue your singing or your performance career seriously.
  3. To overcome your insecurities around your singing or performance, maybe you need help in getting over procrastination
  4. To eliminate the limiting beliefs that are getting in your way of success
  5. To learn how to deal with performance anxiety/stage fright
  6. To understand what talent really is and how you can develop yours.
  7. To know how to access your creativity or overcome a creative block.
  8. To identify your USP as an artist.

…there are plenty more reasons but no matter what instrument, genre or ability level this course will help you.

What will we delve into on the course? 

  • The meaning of success
  • Learning styles
  • The components of a great performance
  • Eliminating limiting beliefs
  • Overcoming obstacles
  • Effective goal setting
  • Effective practice
  • Turning weaknesses into strengths
  • Identifying and developing talent
  • Becoming an expert
  • Stage presence
  • Finding your artistic/performance USP
  • Accessing your creativity
  • Staying motivated and focused
  • Dealing with performance anxiety

How will this be done: 

Learning will occur through

  • Discussion
  • Self-analysis
  • Peer and self-learning
  • Practical exercises
  • Video review
  • Worksheets
  • Handouts
  • Questionnaires
  • Observation and analysis of other artists

What previous students said about this course:

“I have gained a lot of strategies (EFT, anchoring, setting goals) from the course to help me deal with my anxieties and it was really interesting exploring topics such as ‘What is talent?’, looking at how you view yourself as well as how others see you and what you can do to improve your performance.  The most important thing for me though was performing in front of the class, gaining immediate feedback (as scary as it was!) & applying given techniques.  This was invaluable! 

On performance night, I did feel nervous as usual but I felt calmer and I really did enjoy it!  Line and the TPE course have helped me to find ways to deal with my anxieties in singing as well as in other areas of my life.” Michelle Mensah, hobby singer

” I began this course not really knowing what to expect and came out of it with so much more knowledge, understanding, and inspiration than I ever expected. Throughout this course, I discovered so many things that had never occurred to me before that I could be doing not only to help overcome my nerves but also to grow as an artist and on the whole as a person.

With Line’s help and my greater understanding of what it takes to be successful, I feel I’ve now got the tools and confidence to put a plan into action that will ultimately lead me to the success on every level that I have always dreamed of. And I’m not so nervous anymore!” Bonnie Freechyld singer/songwriter

“I’ve always wanted to perform with complete freedom but negative thoughts, worries, and fears often interfere with my aim.  One of the barriers I’ve grappled with is the fear of making a mistake, committing an error or something else going wrong in front of an audience.  Through TPE I realised that this fear was leading me to play it safe and hold back to avoid making mistakes rather than letting go and going for an outstanding performance of the kind that raises hairs on the back of one’s neck.  

Through the class discussions and experimenting in class performances I’ve learned key strategies to overcome this fear and have also opened my mind to a different way of thinking about mistakes.  TPE really covers the whole package for anyone serious about performance and having done it has given me the knowledge and tools to strive for my highest levels as a performer.” Sachin Zodgekar jazz vocalist