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BAST provides singing teacher training, further education and a community for singers who want to be the best singing teacher they can be. There are five trainers, including myself, who run this course in person and on line. Find out when the next course is running CLICK HERE


This course will consists of a mix of vocal technique and application with interactive teaching components to get you started on your journey into becoming a singing teacher.


  • Intro to the anatomy of the voice (larynx, vocal cords, respiratory system)
  • Assessing the singer and their voice
  • Vocal exercises sounds/scales/instruction to help the singer sing better
  • Intro to the science behind singing
  • Practical demos
  • Basic keyboard skills
  • Equipping your studio
  • Developing a lesson plan
  • Delivering the first lesson
  • Delivering ongoing lessons
  • Teaching/learning styles and pedagogy
  • Interactive teaching sessions
  • Vocal pathology ie vocal damage
  • Vocal health advice
  • Basic business and marketing strategies
  • Useful resources for singing teachers
  • Plus more…


  • A clear and practical method for getting started as a singing teacher
  • Useful resources and recommendations
  • Recording of each class as well as a copy of the lesson presentation
  • A signed Certificate of Attendance at the end of the course – you must attend 100% of the course to receive your certificate
  • A bunch of new friends with similar interests!
  • An invitation to the BAST Forum with past graduates and BAST trainers


  • A minimum of 3 – 5 years of professional experience as a singer/performer
  • Music theory qualifications or Grade 5 minimum knowledge recommended
  • Keyboard skills are recommended but no compulsory. It is highly recommend you consider piano lessons if you have no keyboard experience

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Make sure you read the BLOG on the 7 questions you should answer before setting off down this path.

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I found the BAST course extremely useful. I was already a singing teacher and BAST gave me a deeper understanding of anatomy and approaches to vocal pedagogy. Overall it has improved my teaching and given me greater confidence in my subject-specific knowledge and ways to progress my students. Anthea Prince

This course is perfect for giving you a well rounded introduction into teaching voice; the information is insightful, relevant and easy to apply in practice. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to become a Singing Teacher. Hannah Taylor

This course couldn’t have been anymore useful. I had had no previous teaching experience and this course gave me the confidence to go out and get a job teaching. The techniques delivered were brilliant and all of my students love the method of teaching, which I have Line to thank for! Would highly recommend it to anyone! Holly Watts

I found Line’s teaching to be clear and comprehensive. She has the ability to break down relevant information in a concise way and her willingness to be transparent and open about her own teaching experiences is an encouragement to any beginner to start where you are and just keep developing. I highly recommend this course to any teacher who is just starting out or has recently started teaching. CHIDI

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