Top 10 essential teaching resources for the new singing teacher

If you are just starting out as a singing teacher and wondering what gear and resources you need then here is my recommended top 10 list. On the Be A Singing Teacher course we discuss and look at bits of equipment as well as how to successfully find students and market your teaching studio. Just like […]

Masters dissertation finally done!

So, here it is for better or worse my master’s dissertation entitled: An investigation of the laryngeal mechanism during vocal register transition in female vocalists.  Has it been worth it? Well one thing for sure is I don’t feel so bad about not knowing as much as I thought I should about the voice. Even the […]

Wanted: Singers for MSc Research project

Are you a contemporary or classical singer? Would you be interested in helping me to do a world’s first comparative study for my MSc Performing Arts Medicine research project at UCL?  My study will identify and compare what occurs in female singers from both Contemporary Commercial Music (CCM) and classical genres as they successfully transition through […]

iSing Magazine – a digital mag for singers serious about singing!

Here is what has been keeping me occupied these past few months…iSing Magazine  If you use tablet or smartphone devices then you will need to make sure you download this amazing resource for singers…iSing magazine. It is the first of it’s kind for singers and it’s interactive. There are articles, videos, audio and links on […]

Hypermobility and singing – is it relevant?

I’ve been learning a lot of interesting things about performers and medical issues. One topic which piqued my interest and gave me an ah-ha moment was that of hypermobility aka doublejointedness. This condition can be an advantage for some performing artist but if you are a singer and have it in your larynx that could […]

Introducing the vocal workout app, VocalizeU.

What is it? A practical software program for singers to add to their iPad, iPhone, Desktop (Mac and PC) with Android (on it’s way). What does it do?  Provides a set of individualised vocal training program or warm-up exercises. Plus it contains ear training exercises, video examples, quizzes, a piano app, records, and there are two […]

The Human Voice from the Discovery program on BBC radio

A fantastic BBC World Radio piece on the voice, featuring leading voice scientists such as Ingo Titze and Johan Sundeberg and more explaining how the voice works. Find out how vowels are formed, what happens when a boy’s voice breaks, how the vocal folds vibrate, why humans have a descended larynx, what makes our voice […]

Get an discount in my new store!

THE STORE I have added The Store to my website. This will sell useful digital products for singers. There are two products in there already. The VocalizeU voice training app for desktop (PC or MAC) and the pitch training software, Sing & See (PC or MAC). VocalizeU is a great app that will help you to develop your voice, practice, get some […]

Vocal care DOs and DONTs

DO + Keep well hydrated 1.5-2l/day. More if energy out put increases. + Maintain good general health with a balanced diet. + Consider planning your eating to suit performance needs. + Maintain regular vocal practice and training. + Get a vocal instructor who understands how to train and exercise the voice for singing. + Get […]

Competition for budding songwriters…

The anual UK Songwriting Contest is on again. Here are the details: NOW OPEN FOR ENTRIES – UK SONGWRITING CONTEST 2013 It doesn’t matter where you are in the world – with the UKSC you can showcase your songs to the music industry in London. Visit the website at for full details and entry forms and […]