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Not so long ago I received an email from a singer by the name of Vanessa Murray. She was gathering information to help her with her MA dissertation on the topic of how touring affects the voice. I thought you might find this information of use too so have published the answers I gave her […]

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It seems more and more singers are developing voice problems as they embark on their singing careers. Several recent famous examples include Adele, Sam Smith, Jess Glynne and John Mayer. In this video, Dr. Steven Zeitels talks about surgery like Adele’s and the use of voice in the modern day. Unlike the elite singer, most of […]

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I’ve been learning a lot of interesting things about performers and medical issues. One topic which piqued my interest and gave me an ah-ha moment was that of hypermobility aka double-jointedness This condition can be an advantage for some performing artist but if you are a singer and have it in your larynx that could […]

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DO + Keep well-hydrated 1-1.5l/day. More if energy output increases or you’re in a hot environment. + Maintain good general health with a balanced diet. + Consider planning your eating around your performance needs. + Maintain regular vocal practice and training. + Get a vocal instructor who understands how to train and exercise the voice […]

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I recently answered a question in “Singing Coaches/ Teachers“, on Linkedin, from a teacher who has a student who’s jaw clicks and dislocates when she sings on an AH sound. This clicking could be due to Temporalmadibular Joint disorder, in other words, a disorder of the jaw joint. The symptoms can be in the form […]

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Good voice care is key to keeping you singing. As with anything, there are dangers lurking about that will interfere with your vocal health and function. Many of these influences are within your control, but some may require medical intervention to treat. There are numerous things that can interfere with the efficiency and function of your […]

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Another tour cancelled due to poor vocal health and use. Haemorrage of the vocal folds often occurs as result singing with swollen vocal folds. Swelling can occur for a variety of reasons such as throat infections, cold infections, gastric reflux, bad vocal technique or even in certain times of the menstrual cycle. If you tend […]

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My article on Gastric Reflux explained what it is, how it happens and how it can ruin a singer’s voice, and even career. In this article I give you some easy tips to try out before heading down the prescribed medication route. If absolutely none of these strategies work, or you need faster recovery for […]