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Bobby McFerrin is without a doubt, one of the most accomplished vocalists of this century. He has lead the way in 20th/21st Century solo vocal performance through his unique use of the voice and body, combined with highly skilled musicality and improvisation. His style transcends genres, being equally comfortable and accomplished in classical, popular, folk […]

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‘One of the greatest singers that ever stood behind a microphone’. Aretha Franklin I was very sad to hear of Whitney Houston’s death last month. She possessed an extraordinary voice that appeared to have no limitations, her vocal style influenced thousands of singers of my generation and since. Unlike many chart singers of today, Whitney cut […]

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What do you use your singing voice for? To perform my original songs to a live audience as well as to record and sell my music. How long have you been taking voice lessons for? Roughly 8 – 9 years And How often? I started off with an intensive course of lessons while being at […]

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If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else. Yogi Berra Week 3 of the Performers edge course we address goal setting. If you want to achieve your dreams as a singer and performer you will have to set some goals. First decide where you want to go, dare to dream […]

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The million dollar question right? I have had countless hours of discussion on what ‘good singing’ is. Conversations with professional singers, vocal students, singing teachers, music industry members and the general public. I thought I’d summarised the common elements that people seem to identify when they think about ‘good’ singing. These seem to be the […]

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I love quotes, I collect them to inspire others and myself; as a teaching tool and to understand the world better. This quote, by the American football coach Vince Lombardi, has been proven to me over and over in my vocal studio.  I used to be quite baffled when I encountered singers who were focused, […]