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No, it is a growth mindset and sheer grit. And science concurs. Whilst I haven’t got my own stats on this, I can certainly vouch for these predictors antidotally. When I look at the success of my students and clients over the years I’ve taught, whether related to developing their voices, overcoming poor singing habits, gaining […]

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‘One of the greatest singers that ever stood behind a microphone’. Aretha Franklin I was very sad to hear of Whitney Houston’s death last month. She possessed an extraordinary voice that appeared to have no limitations, her vocal style influenced thousands of singers of my generation and since. Unlike many chart singers of today, Whitney cut […]

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Hello, I must apologise for not being able to keep up with the Performer’s Edge blogs. So much to do, so little time! We were all so amazed this week to find we had come to the 10th and final class so soon. We all agreed it had been a great journey, we’d grown and […]

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This week I started a singing teacher training course for singers who want to teach privately. These days singers need to be versatile and use a wide range of money earning strategies to survive. What better way to share your experience and passion than by helping someone else to sing and build confidence singing? For […]

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On the Performer’s Edge course we start off by looking into the meaning of success. I start here because often when I ask singers what their ultimate goal is with their singing I get vague or unfocused answers such as “I just want to sing” or “I want to be famous”. These statements could be […]