Wanted: Singers for MSc Research project

Are you a contemporary or classical singer? Would you be interested in helping me to do a world’s first comparative study for my MSc Performing Arts Medicine research project at UCL?  My study will identify and compare what occurs in female singers from both Contemporary Commercial Music (CCM) and classical genres as they successfully transition through […]

The Human Voice from the Discovery program on BBC radio

A fantastic BBC World Radio piece on the voice, featuring leading voice scientists such as Ingo Titze and Johan Sundeberg and more explaining how the voice works. Find out how vowels are formed, what happens when a boy’s voice breaks, how the vocal folds vibrate, why humans have a descended larynx, what makes our voice […]

Singing teacher training workshop from a master teacher (London Sept 1-3)

Dave Stroud was my first singing teaching mentor. he has been instrumental in helping me not only to be a the best voice teacher I can be but also in helping me get the right mindset for building a successful tracking studio. Dave is here with one of his artists, Daniel Bedingfield, to present a […]

Exercise tip for tired voices

                  These exercises, by voice scientist Dr Ingo Titze of the National Center for Voice and Speech, may help alleviate these symptoms.Please see a ENT consultant if the problems persist or worsen.

Singing teacher training course: Module 1 getting started. Book now for Jan 18th

Are you interested in becoming a singing teacher? I am running a 10hr course to introduce you to the job requirements along with some basic skills and strategies to help you to get started. You will cover basic anatomy and physiology, how to assess the voice, vocal exercises to address common vocal issues, setting up […]

TED Rules

I am a huge TED fan. TED is a small nonprofit organisation devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. On the site you’ll find a collection of videos of people who speak at the TED conferences held around the world through out the year. These people share their innovative, creative thoughts, inspiring ideas, knowledge, skills and experiences. On […]