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Not so long ago I received an email from a singer by the name of Vanessa Murray. She was gathering information to help her with her MA dissertation on the topic of how touring affects the voice. I thought you might find this information of use too so have published the answers I gave her […]

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It seems more and more singers are developing voice problems as they embark on their singing careers. Several recent famous examples include Adele, Sam Smith, Jess Glynne and John Mayer. In this video, Dr. Steven Zeitels talks about surgery like Adele’s and the use of voice in the modern day. Unlike the elite singer, most of […]

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What is it? A practical software program for singers to add to their iPad, iPhone, Desktop (Mac and PC) with Android (on its way). What does it do?  Provides a set of individualised vocal training program or warm-up exercises. Plus it contains ear training exercises, video examples, quizzes, a piano app, records, and there are two […]

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DO + Keep well-hydrated 1-1.5l/day. More if energy output increases or you’re in a hot environment. + Maintain good general health with a balanced diet. + Consider planning your eating around your performance needs. + Maintain regular vocal practice and training. + Get a vocal instructor who understands how to train and exercise the voice […]

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I recently answered a question in “Singing Coaches/ Teachers“, on Linkedin, from a teacher who has a student who’s jaw clicks and dislocates when she sings on an AH sound. This clicking could be due to Temporalmadibular Joint disorder, in other words, a disorder of the jaw joint. The symptoms can be in the form […]

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If you haven’t already I highly recommend you read my post Warning: stage fright can ruin your performance. It will give you a background to the cause and symptoms of stage fright also known as, performance anxiety. The next step is to accept that this condition is natural and normal. What you don’t want is […]

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My students and I have been having fun recently with a computer programme called Sing and See.  We’ve also noticed a marked improvement in tone and pitching when using this nifty bit of software. This revolutionary software that gives real-time feedback when singing! The software SHOWS your precise pitch and vocal timbre as you sing. […]

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I am very excited about this summer as I am off to Poland for the first time to teach and hang out with a bunch of singers who want to work on their voices and learn more about different styles. I can’t think of a better way to get to know another country and culture […]