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If you are just starting out as a singing teacher and wondering what gear and resources you need then here is my recommended top 10 list. On the Be A Singing Teacher course, we discuss and look at bits of equipment as well as how to successfully find students and market your teaching studio. Just like […]

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DO + Keep well-hydrated 1-1.5l/day. More if energy output increases or you’re in a hot environment. + Maintain good general health with a balanced diet. + Consider planning your eating around your performance needs. + Maintain regular vocal practice and training. + Get a vocal instructor who understands how to train and exercise the voice […]

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If you haven’t already I highly recommend you read my post Warning: stage fright can ruin your performance. It will give you a background to the cause and symptoms of stage fright also known as, performance anxiety. The next step is to accept that this condition is natural and normal. What you don’t want is […]

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What do you use your singing voice for? To perform my original songs to a live audience as well as to record and sell my music. How long have you been taking voice lessons for? Roughly 8 – 9 years And How often? I started off with an intensive course of lessons while being at […]

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I love quotes, I collect them to inspire others and myself; as a teaching tool and to understand the world better. This quote, by the American football coach Vince Lombardi, has been proven to me over and over in my vocal studio.  I used to be quite baffled when I encountered singers who were focused, […]