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I have added The Store to my website. This will sell useful digital products for singers. There are two products in there already. The VocalizeU voice training app for desktop (PC or MAC) and the pitch training software, Sing & See (PC or MAC).

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VocalizeU is a great app that will help you to develop your voice, practice, get some ear training. It contains video samples of the exercises, a video interview with a top Ear Nose and Throat specialist talking about how to singing safely. You can record your practice sessions and add notes in your practice journal. There is a piano and a fun quiz to test you on your knowledge of voice

The desktop version also includes two great reference books:


The Singer’s Instinct by Brandon Brophy: This landmark book reveals and simplifies the 4 foundations of great contemporary singing, helping you uncover the exhilaration and creativity of your own singing style.


The Professional Studio Vocalist by Claytoven Richardson: How do I become a studio singer? What must I do in preparation for that career? What should I know before I go into my first recording session? The Professional Studio Vocalist answers these real-world questions and many more in a direct, easy-to-follow manner.
I have created a video to show you what VocalizeU contains:



 The other product on sale is:  

Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 22.25.18Sing&See (Australian made!) is a tool that can help you develop your voice by giving you precise real-time visual feedback on your pitch and vocal timbre. The feedback shows you what your voice is actually doing as you sing, and can help you focus in your practice, to check up on your pitch, your vibrato, your loudness, or details of the harmonics (overtones) in your voice. I have used it in the studio with singers for a variety of exercises from pitch correction and control, to building sustain, breath control and formant tuning. It’s great to have a ‘visual’ on your pitch, you’d be amazed how your brain will autocorrect once it sees it’s flat or sharp.

If you go to  The Store now you’ll get a discount on each product for just being you!