Wired for Sound: FREE online course

Hello singers,

Michael Goodrich is a great vocal teacher with 20 years experience in the music industry. I’ve had a couple of super lessons with him in the past and he teaches many dynamic and top end singers. 

As some of you know I am getting more and more into the psychology of performance. Michael is on the same trajectory but much more organised with it. He has put together a fantastic free mini course to help singers get into the right frame of mind to sing at their optimum. His approach compliments the technical work we do, helping to address belief systems that work against us and prevent us from reaching our vocal and performing potential. 

I have watch the programme and there are some fantastic tips and ideas that you can apply to your singing and practice. Did I mention it’s FREE!! What can you lose… a bit of time maybe..LOL

So following the link below to the  4-part FREE Wired For Singing Mini – Course 

When you sign up you will receive 4 videos, workbooks and transcripts! And yes there is some homework!
Following is a link to a video tells you all about the course so please go watch it now. http://www.goodrichvocal.com/wired-for-singing/wired-for-singing-sle.html
It’s a very different road to the traditional singing exercises and lessons but one definitely worth travelling.

I look forward to hearing how it’s helped you.

Happy singing!

PS here is Michael’s studio website if you want to know more about him http://www.goodrichvocal.com