What is it?

A practical software program for singers to add to their iPad, iPhone, Desktop (Mac and PC) with Android (on its way).

What does it do? 

Provides a set of individualised vocal training program or warm-up exercises. Plus it contains ear training exercises, video examples, quizzes, a piano app, records, and there are two useful eBooks on singing and session work.

Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to improve their singing voice. Male (adult and pre-teen and female versions available.

How does it work?

It takes the singer through a vocal evaluation assessment helping them to determine the areas of their voice that need growth and then directs them to customized vocal exercises and workouts. Progress can be tracked over time, as VocalizeU guides each individual to appropriate workout modules.


This one is from one of my clients Nerissa Campbell:

“I LOVE the VocalizeU app!! I am a professional singer & vocal coach who got out of the habit of practicing regularly, but am back to daily practice since using the VocalizeU app. It is really thorough in its capabilities to get singers of all levels in shape.I love that I can record each practice session, have a place to jot down my thoughts on each practice session and even record myself singing along with backing tracks. There is pitch training if you need it, and explanations for every exercise you are instructed to do.It is hands down one of the best apps I have come across for singers, and I am excited that it is so easy for people of all levels to have access to.” Nerissa

Where do I get it? 

This app wont replace a teacher but it will still help you stay vocal fit and on track for the times you can’t get to one.

  • iPad and iPhone versions via iTunes.
  • Android version on the way.
  • Desktop (Mac and PC) click HERE to go to my store and get a discount. 

In the meantime – happy singing!