Next Performance Workshop for singers Feb 12

*Imagine being able to perform confidently in front of others.

*Know where to look when you are in front of an audience

*Walk off stage happy with your performance

*Feel comfortable singing into a microphone


If you are struggling with your performance confidence and skills then you will want to attend the up and coming performance workshop with me on February 12th 2-5pm at the fantastic live music venue, The Regal Room in Hammersmith.

You can attend either to perform or to watch and learn from other people’s performances.

There will be a brief talk on what makes a performance ‘great’ and I will also lead you through a vocal and physical warm up and share a couple of performance anxiety strategies.

It is an opportunity to hone performance skills and build confidence in a safe & supportive environment. You will receive verbal and written feedback to take away with you and help you improve.

Performers bring 1 song: Performances need to be self accompanied, to a backing track or a cappella. You are also welcome to bring an accompanist with you if they don’t mind the hanging around.

Cost is £24 for performers (places limited) and £10 for observers only.


What people say about the Performance Workshop

“I gained some really valuable insights during the workshop. It made me think much more about what I do as a total package. I learned a great deal from the feedback given to other performers as we all as myself. I would definitely go again.”

Paul Dunn, jazz pianist/vocalist

It is the one of the best workshops I have attended. I have gained what I should work on for my singing and becoming a better performer.  Yuki Umiguchi, jazz vocalist


Unleash the performer within and find joy, inspiration and satisfaction in your performances!