Carrie Haber

Scholarship artist,              Carrie Haber

It can be like standing between a rock and a hard place when you start out on the journey to becoming a music artist. There’s gear to buy, skills to learn and develop, people to meet, gigs to do.  It can be a costly process and taking on a ‘day-job’ can interfere with your creative flow and opportunities to perform.

In order to help developing artists get a leg-up, I offer a few places with full and part scholarships, so artists can focus more of their attention on their voice and performance.

There is a set of selection criteria, listed below.

If you are in need of some help on your artistic journey and think you fit the criteria, please get in CONTACT and you will be sent the full application form.


To be eligible the candidate must:

A. Be able to demonstrate a financial need &/or be a full-time student at a recognised performance/music institution.

B. Pass the following selection criteria and meet the following conditions:

  • Performance Audition:  Two songs of contrasting tempo/feel.  If candidate is a songwriter then an original song should be included.
  • Attend a personal interview with Line Hilton.
  • The candidate will submit their Curriculum Vitae (CV) The CV will include relevant education, performance achievements to date.
  • The candidate will submit a brief (1 page) Career Plan, including future artistic goals and how these will be achieved, along with an estimated timeline.
  • If available, copies of current recording/compositions should also be supplied.
  • The candidate will supply two letters of reference – one personal (though not from a family member) and the other work/academic related.
  • The candidate will attend a minimum of 1 (one) thirty-minute lesson per week.  Missing two weeks or more without prior discussion will result in revocation of scholarship.
  • The scholarship will allow the candidate to have lessons with Line Hilton at an agreed reduced hourly rate predetermined by Line Hilton.  Discounts for bulk-prepaid lessons are not available to successful scholarship candidates.
  • Lesson Cancellation and Contagious Illness Policies will apply.
  • The period of the scholarship covers an agreed period with reviews on dates set by SVS following the date of commencement of scholarship.
  • Line Hilton reserves the right to discontinue the scholarship status with one week’s notice.
  • The student has the right to discontinue lessons with Line Hilton with one week’s notice.
    • The Part Scholarship is renewable at the discretion of Line Hilton.

C. Sign an agreement with Line Hilton to adhere to the conditions of the scholarship.

Get in CONTACT for the full application form.