I know you will benefit from the 25 years or so that it’s taken me to train, develop and understand voice and singers. Based on my own ongoing training, teaching experience and the research into the science of singing my approach to vocal training has been proven to release a singer’s full vocal, artistic and teaching potential.


Throat pain conceptVocal health triage, assessment and advice:

Prioritising your signs and symptoms in terms of urgency. Determining whether your vocal problems result from technique issues or a medical disorder.  If I suspect it is medical in origin then referrals to suitable health care professionals can be made.  Assessments are conducted in person or online. Vocal health advice will include resources and guidance related to your specific health issues.

Tour/gig/concert/recording studio prep:

Instructed vocal, physical and mental warm ups for you and your BVs – at your venue, studio or online. Warmups/cool down regime or bespoke vocal exercises specific to your vocal and performance needs.

Troubleshooting in the recording studio:

Getting you ready for your session and troubleshooting vocal issues on the spot, including pronunciation for ESL singers.

SingerMindset and practice:

Getting you mentally aligned to unleash your fullest potential. This also covers performance anxiety aka stage fright and limiting belief elimination – identifying and eliminating the beliefs that limits your singing, performance and career. How to develop deliberate practice strategies and regimes that will ensure your practice is beneficial and effective.

Troubleshooting for specific technique problems:

Ironing out that issue, so you deliver your best performance, recording or audition.

logoCourses, workshops and masterclasses:

  • singing teacher training (Licensed BAST Trainer)
  • vocal health for singers and professional voice users
  • vocal technique – assessing your issues and addressing them through vocalisizes
  • mindset – how to succeed and dealing with performance anxiety for performers and public speakers

I am available:

  • In person at London NW3 and Surrey GU24
  • Online ZoomLogo or Singing lessons on Skype
  • I can also travel to you (travel time charged)


Please EMAIL to find out about prices and lesson packages.

If I am not suitable for any reason then I can highly recommend a number of fantastic singing teachers around the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, SE Asia and Europe.

Get in CONTACT to book yourself in and let’s get your voice fit for purpose!