Artists I work with

I want you to sing at your best ALL the time

My passion lies in helping you discover the freedom of an inspiration performance. Whether you perform at open-mic events, pubs or in a sold-out auditorium, I can help you improve and unlock your full potential through:

Better vocal control – vocal exercises that develop, build & strengthen your singing voice.

Greater vocal health – dos and don’ts to protect your assets – the vocal folds!

Improved mental preparation – elimination of nerves, negative thoughts and other hindrances.

Dependable performance success – stage presence, performance skills and microphone technique.

I’m fortunate to regularly witness vocally injured, unconfident or disheartened singers transforming into powerful, healed and positive artists – all reaching their full vocal potential.  They’re often my greatest teachers.

Check out my YouTube Channel and listen to some of the great singers and artists I have been fortunate enough to work with: