On the Performer’s Edge course we start off by looking into the meaning of success. I start here because often when I ask singers what their ultimate goal is with their singing I get vague or unfocused answers such as “I just want to sing” or “I want to be famous”. These statements could be interpreted in many ways, they are moving targets. After all the singer who just wants to sing may end up ‘just singing’ in the shower and the one who wants to be ‘famous’ may end up famous in their home town for falling over on stage and bearing her all at a local festival.

So it is important to define the meaning of success to you. This way you can set specific goals and actions to ensure you fulfill your dreams, otherwise they remain just that, dreams.

To start with I suggest you mindmap or brainstorm everything that comes to mind regarding how you see success in your life. Look into all areas life from family, career, personal goals and things you want to change in the world. Don’t be shy, aim high, for as the quote goes: Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss it you will land among the stars. Les Brown.

Once you have brained stormed the topic of success sit down and write out, preferably by hand, your success story.

Make sure you:

Write in the first person
Write in present tense
Write specifics
Cover where, when, what, who, how
Make emotional statements
Make positive statements
Dare to dream big!
Make it real, weave in people places things from the now


Read out loud to yourself daily (1 or more times, set an alarm). I suggest you do this for 3 months. There is no definitive time to form a new habit (see this blog How Long to Form a Habit?)

Let me know if you have any questions about writing your success story or the Performer’s Edge course


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