Summer Vocal Program in LA!

Dave Stroud a top LA vocal coach to many big names and who recently brought out the amazing simulated vocal lesson app, Vocalizeu  for iPad, iPhone and soon computers and Androids, has put together an vocal program for singers in LA, heart of the music industry.

Dave has been renown for putting on a fantastic and inspiring vocal summer program for some years now. After a brief hiatus it returns this year, bigger and better than before. I worked on the program for 5 years so I can vouch for it’s value from an educational, industry, networking and growth point of view.

I have copied in an excerpt of Dave’s email describing what this year will be bringing. If you are serious about singing and a career in the industry, or you teach singers who are then I can think of no other better way than this to get a grasp of the music industry, and right where it happens…LA US of A. You will meet like minded people and bury yourself deeply in singing, performing, music and song. Plus the weather is gorgeous so you may ten get a tan!


I am pleased to announce the VocalizeU Summer Intensive coming July 8th – 15th that will take place in Los Angeles!

We are really excited to bring this very popular program back to singers and performers and are equally excited to have this event take place at our old stomping grounds – Mt. St Mary’s College.   This campus is one of the most intimate and beautiful spots in LA.  

All though we are going to continue to add more classes and programs to this event as we get closer to the date, there is much of it already in place.  (Click HERE to see the schedule).   For those of you who have attended this summer program in the past, you will recognize some of the instructors, as well you will see some great new faces.  There will be some wonderful surprise guests attending as well, but we’ll keep those a secret for right now.  All I can say for now, is the opening night performances will be one of the best ever.

This year we are adding another feature to the program.  A mentor program.   A good friend of ours named Big Billy Clark will be heading up this feature and we will bring in one mentor for every 10 attendees coming to the program.  Billy will be bringing in great friends of his from different aspects of music – some artists, some executives, some managers and some producers.  Billy is one of the nicest people you will ever meet and at the same time, has been around the music business for many years.  This mentor program has been designed to help attendees get the most out of the Summer Intensive and the mentors will meet with their 10 attendees daily to discuss what they need from the program and make sure they get it.  Whether it’s a focus on voice, songwriting, performance or anything else these mentors will help guide singers to reach their potential.  More information regarding this program and the process for the mentor selection will be released closer to July.  Please look for this.

We are looking forward to seeing many of you in LA in July!


Dave Stroud
President – CEO
DS Vocology, LLC. 
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