Sam Brown (singer/songwriter)

Sam Brown

I am really enjoying working with Line. She has taken great care to identify the problem issues with my voice, and has a great, positive attitude, without being unrealistic in her expectations of what can be achieved. I feel confident, that if there is a way to solve the problems I have with my voice, then I will find it through and with Line. My singing lessons are the highlight of my week! Sam Brown (singer/songwriter “Stop”) UK

Nerissa Campbell

Line is such an intuitive and nurturing teacher, and with the help of her and a great vocal technique, I am finally getting the results from my voice that I should have been getting when I started singing over 10 years ago. Line and I conduct lessons over the internet (using Skype) with her being in London and me in New York. The distance doesn’t matter, the teacher and the technique still work wonders. I am once again excited about singing and about the capabilities of my instrument, and it’s all thanks to Line! Nerissa Campbell, singer/songwriter USA

Anita Wardell

Since studying with Line I have increased my vocal range and gained a full rich, rounded tone. Other people, professional and non-professional, have noticed the improvement, but more importantly I can notice the difference. It gives me added confidence knowing that whether I perform a straight forward ballad, improvise over changes or sing a fast vocalese I can reach all the notes I need. More than ever before I can sing with amazing ease. Developing my vocal technique isn’t work, it’s pure pleasure! Anita Wardell jazz vocalist ( BBC Jazz Award for Best of Jazz 2006) UK

Previous singer teachers I have worked with (and they were good teachers!) haven’t come close to unlocking my vocal potential. In a relatively short space of time working with Line I am starting to realise that potential – I’ve got a three and a half octave range?….whoa where did that come from? Well, it came with the excellent tuition I received from Line. With further tuition I know my vocal control and ability will improve all the time. Darcy, singer/songwriter Telegraphs UK

All I have to say is Wow! What started as a chance meeting with Line and a leap of faith from me has transformed into a journey whereby Line is helping me discover just what is vocally possible. I still have a long way to go, but already Line’s guidance has helped me understand how this all works and why certain things happen. Being a rock/metal singer, I have picked up some particularly “bad habits” that create stress and strain on my vocal cords and can potentially cut out the sound completely. Line has been teaching me how to counter these “bad habits” and it’s really working! I have never made this much progress and this much discovery with any other voice teacher. Truly amazing! Randi Rosenblatt, singer/songwriter Vitreolic UK

I am a primary school Headteacher and a singer so my voice is a very important tool both for work and for singing. After being diagnosed with strained vocal cords I thought I might never sing again.  However,  Line’s fantastic teaching not only helped to restore my voice to full working condition but also improved my breathing and vocal techniques.  I am so pleased with the results and can thoroughly recommend Line as a first class voice trainer for singers and professionals who use their voices regularly. Charles Beckerson, singer/songwriter



I cannot recommend the Performer’s Edge course highly enough for anyone who aspires to perform to a high standard, but for whatever reason has not yet been able to achieve this.  Drawing upon Line’s expertise and constructive feedback within the small friendly course group, I was able to identify the areas that were holding me back and to learn the necessary tools and skills to overcome these.
After taking the course I went from being someone who was noticeably nervous in performance, to being the most confident performer at the events I attended, providing the effectiveness of Line’s methods.
The course really helped me enjoy performance and provided me with the skills to develop my abilities in this area. Olivia Palmer singer/songwriter

Although I’ve been performing quite some time it recently came to my attention that I am not actually ‘being free’ within my performances with nerves always getting the better of me. Upon this realisation I began to address the underlying issues that this might come from and  when I learned of The Performers Edge I jumped at the chance to have someone as  talented, knowledgeable and experienced as Line Hilton to help me along my path. I began this course not really knowing what to expect and came out of it with so much more knowledge, understanding and inspiration than I ever expected. Throughout this course I discovered so many things that had never occurred to me before that I could be doing not only to help overcome my nerves but also to grow as an artist and on the whole as a person. With Line’s help and my greater understanding of what it takes to be successful I feel I’ve now got the tools and confidence to put a plan into action that will ultimately lead me to the success on every level that I have always dreamed of. And I’m not so nervous any more! Bonnie Freechyld singer/songwriter

I’ve always wanted to perform with complete freedom but negative thoughts, worries and fears often interfere with my aim.  I decided to do TPE to learn about what it takes to consistently produce the “magic” that you feel on witnessing great performances. TPE is an ambitious programme that deals with fundamental topics – like how our self-beliefs impact our performance – and Line Hilton engaged superbly with each one of us to put the theory into practice.  One of the barriers I’ve grappled with is the fear of making a mistake, commiting an error or something else going wrong in front of an audience.  Through TPE I realised that this fear was leading me to play it safe and hold back to avoid making mistakes rather than letting go and going for an outstanding performance of the kind that raises hairs on the back of one’s neck.  Through the class discussions and experimenting in the class performances I’ve learned key strategies to overcome this fear and have also opened my mind to a different of way of thinking about mistakes.  TPE really covers the whole package for anyone serious about performance and having done it has given me the knowledge and tools to strive for my highest levels as a performer. Sachin Zodgekar, jazz vocalist

I came on the TPE course because I enjoy singing and wanted to feel more confident about performing. As I am relatively new to singing, I felt quite self conscious when it came to performing and would find myself trying to talk myself out of going through with performances. I have gained a lot of strategies (eft, anchoring, setting goals) from the course to help me deal with my anxieties and it was really interesting exploring topics such as ‘What is talent?’, looking at how you view yourself as well as how others see you and what you can do to improve your performance. The most important thing for me though was performing in front of the class, gaining immediate feedback (as scary as it was!) & applying given techniques. This was invaluable! On performance night, I did feel nervous as usual but I felt calmer and I really did enjoy it! Line and the TPE course have helped me to find ways to deal with my anxieties in singing as well as in other areas of my life. Thank you so much Line. Michelle Mensah, hobby singer


I found the BAST course extremely useful. I was already a singing teacher and BAST gave me a deeper understanding of anatomy and approaches to vocal pedagogy. Overall it has improved my teaching and given me greater confidence in my subject-specific knowledge and ways to progress my students. Anthea Prince

This singing teaching course is absolutely amazing and I have learnt so much from it. My teaching skills have improved and I generally feel better equipped to teach my students well. I look forward to module 2 and learning even more. Thank you so much Line! Collena Masuku

I really do feel like everything I could think of – and much more – has been covered, leaving me feeling equipped to get out there and get teaching. It also inspired me to research further and to want to go on learning about various aspects of the voice and how to deliver a better learning experience to my students. Zeb Achonu

I found Line’s teaching to be clear and comprehensive. She has the ability to break down relevant information in a concise way and her willingness to be transparent and open about her own teaching experiences is an encouragement to any beginner to start where you are and just keep developing. I highly recommend this course to any teacher who is just starting out or has recently started teaching. CHIDI

This course couldn’t have been anymore useful. I had had no previous teaching experience and this course gave me the confidence to go out and get a job teaching. The techniques delivered were brilliant and all of my students love the method of teaching, which I have Line to thank for! Would highly recommend it to anyone! Holly Watts

This course is perfect for giving you a well rounded introduction into teaching voice; the information is insightful, relevant and easy to apply in practice. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to become a Singing Teacher. Hannah Taylor

This course was exactly what I needed to get the skills and confidence to become a singing teacher. Not only was the content very informative, it was really enjoyable to attend. 
From what I can tell there’s nothing else similar out there, especially for such great value for money. I can’t wait for module two! Rose Betteridge

I had been trying to decide which teaching training course to start, this course was perfect for me. The course was very well structured, and incredibly informative. I feel that I have gained confidence and have very good guide lines to start teaching. Lines enthusiam for teaching and singing comes through in each lesson, and having the mp3 recording plus the presentation notes and information really helps when you need a reminder and a boost. I gained some very valuable insights during the course and am really looking forward to module 2 and the teacher classes. Susan Turner

Having recently completed Module 1 of the Teacher Training Course, I would just like to say what a great experience it’s been.  In the earlier stages of teaching when finding my feet, it’s been important for me to gain the tools and advice to build the confidence needed to become a great teacher and it has therefore been really helpful to be able to attend a course of this type. This course has been very informative and was structured in a way that made it easy to understand but challenging at the same time.  I would therefore like to thank Line for her ongoing encouragement and support and for helping me become not only a better singer but also a better teacher.  I am now looking forward to the next module!! Julie Ludgate

I am so pleased that this teacher training module finally came along. It has really helped me understand the essential information I need to know about singing teaching. Rather than an unnecessary list of modules that skirt around the edges, Line’s course gets straight to the core of the subject, breaking everything down into manageable sections. The lessons are extremely informative and are conducted in a relaxed environment. Line welcomes all questions no matter how silly they may seem to you, and she is very supportive when applying the information practically. I now feel that I have a solid foundation in which to build upon, and I don’t feel daunted to delve in and take my teaching to a new level. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wishes to be an astute, confidant and successful singing teacher, and wants to meet others who share the same passion. Bring on module 2!  Mimi Valentine


The performance workshop with Line Hilton was a great experience for me.
The atmosphere was one of support, and I felt comfortable to try out new things.
The ideas and inspiration I gained are sure to help me in future as a different way of looking at performing to make it somehow easier, and help shift the focus back on to the words I’m singing in new and fresh ways.
I’m looking forward to the next one!
Jasmine Nelson (singer/songwriter/composer)

Line’s workshops are a great opportunity to develop your performance in a nurturing and supportive environment and to share inspiration and encouragement with other vocalists. I’ve found the insight so valuable and illuminating- there is always something new to learn. Hannah Karoshi, Kid Karoshi

It was the one of the best workshops I have attended. I have gained what I should work on for my singing and becoming a better performer.  Yuki Umiguchi, jazz vocalist

I gained some really valuable insights during the workshop. It made me think much more about what I do as a total package. I learned a great deal from the feedback given to other performers as we all as myself. I would definitely go again. Paul Dunn, jazz vocalist/pianist

THE SINGER’S EDGE WORKSHOP for Vocanics, West Midlands

Line seriously rocks! The ‘Singer’s Edge’ workshop was fantastic. She was faced with a very mixed group to say the least! From ‘hobby singers’ to professional singer/songwriters to singers recovering from nodules and gastric reflux damage. Line was the pinnacle in uniting them all and encouraging them to learn from each others experiences. Not too mention Lines amazing knowledge in so many different areas in singing – vocal health, performance, performance anxiety to name just a few… How one brain can retain that amount of information I’ll never know! She is so clued up it puts the rest to shame. Anyone with a passion to learn, improve and understand must attend one of Line’s workshops. We were all so inspired – Thanks for travelling up to the Midlands and delivering such a great workshop – here’s to the next! Joanne Creswell, Vocanics