The Performer’s Edge is a holistic, tailor-made programme designed for performers who want to take ownership of their career.

The Performer's Edge Programme

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Through assessment, development and support we will cover the 5 five key elements I have identified as crucial for a performer to address and maintain in order to have a successful and lengthy career.

The goal is to help you get over the negative self-beliefs standing in the way of your success and to equip you with the understanding, tools, strategies and support you require to ensure you can get on with performing and creating to your heart’s content.

To be totally transparent I cannot make you famous, nor can I guarantee your success. This is beyond my ability! Instead, this programme and my years of experience and knowledge gleaned from working with and talking to thousands of pro singers and people in the music industry will increase your chances significantly because you will know where you are, exactly where you want to go, how you will get there and who you want to support you along the way. Now that’s empowering!

I want you to succeed almost as much as you do, I love knowing that I’ve helped a creative be, well, you know, creative!

“The Performers Edge had a profound impact on my internal approach to being an artist, a performer and just a human being in general.” jackinwater (Singer/songwriter)



You need passion to drive and motivate you through the hard times, a plan so you know what direction you are going in and when you get there, and then to do the work because, my friend, no-one else is gonna do it for ya! Even when you’re a high-level artist or performer you will still need to continue working on your skills and art.

This is what happens if you do not have all three ingredients:

Passion + Work but no Plan this results in No direction

I can’t count the number of times I speak to performers who have an incredible passion for what they are doing and work very hard. The common downfall is a lack of specific goals and plans on how to achieve their dreams, it’s like pedalling furiously on your bike without a chain.

Work + Plan but no Passion this results in No motivation

You may be hardworking and goals can change or evolve over time, but if the passion isn’t there you won’t be able to push through the hard times, and trust me there are plenty of those. You either have to rekindle your passion by identifying what’s plugging that hole or maybe it’s time to find a new direction. It’s like sitting on a beautiful yacht with your destination in sight but no wind to push you there.

Plan + Passion but no Work this results in No results

Some people are passionate about their art and have lots of plans on how to achieve their goals, the only thing is they don’t actually put in the work required. So up the proverbial creek without a paddle!

Kat Stephens

“The programme has changed both my work and personal life in such a positive way, I have been talking and thinking about it ever since! I feel much more confident and keen to challenge my way of thinking.” Kat Stephens (Singer/singing teacher)


You may have beliefs that hinder your ability to achieve your goals. We all have limiting beliefs, but they are not what make you, you. In fact, by eliminating them the real you can shine through unhampered.


Nutrition, sleep and exercise are key to our health and wellbeing.Understanding how to optimise your health will ensure you minimise loss of performance time.


Raw talent will get you so far, but you’ll get a lot further by adding skill and expertise. By preparing your voice, body and mind for performance will ensure you and your audience have a fantastic experience.


It’s not what you practice, it’s the how. Deliberate practice will ensure your neural myelin and motor skills leave you free to create!


It is not only about who you are as a person, but who you are as the artist and performer. There needs to be synergy, purpose and continuity between your stage persona, writing, public identity.

“The Performers Edge programme with Line has been pivotal to getting me back to what I want to achieve as a performer and an artist.” Anita Malzone (Jazz vocalist)

Anita Malzone



After working with thousands of singers and performers – amateur to signed – I have identified the 5 key elements that impact career success and staying power, these are Mindset, Health & Wellbeing, Technique, Development and Identity.


  • Triage
  • Blueprint
  • Work
  • Evaluate
  • On the road
  1. triage 

this is to establish where you are now, and where you want to go. There will be a comprehensive audit of the 5 key areas including general and vocal health, resilience, career, technique and performance to ascertain areas of strength and areas that require development.

  1. blueprint

once the triage is complete I will design a tailor-made plan of action for all 5 key areas. We will incorporate your priorities and timelines taking into account your overall goals and current commitments. 

  1. work 

the bulk of our time will be spent in the work phase. We will address limiting beliefs standing in the way of your goals, look into technical issues, optimise your vocal and general health, build resilience, explore your artist identity, engage Deliberate Practice, improve performance,  and liaise with other support personnel as required.

  1. evaluation

this is a check in to see you are making progress towards your goals and make adjustments as necessary.

  1. on the road  

so we’ve done the groundwork it is time to take it on the road. You will have access to me outside regular coaching sessions and beyond the course for support, advice and motivation.

Luke Nederveen

“Line really went the extra mile in every session, compassionately engaging with me, being a firm yet empathic voice within the context of some deep emotional issues. We worked on my limiting beliefs, where they came from, how they manifested and how to let them go.” Luke Nederveen (Singer/songwriter/session musician)


I will pull on a diverse set of experiences, tools, strategies, tools and a bit of woowoo to help you get everything aligned and to lay good foundations down so you can continue beyond me. Here are some of these tools.

Consider this a vocal and physical audit, if you’re in the UK think MOT!). I will delve into your vocal and medical history. The most surprising things can impact voice and performance. For instance, a whiplash may be the cause of voice fatigue. As they say, everything is connected. If it’s a potential or current problem we need to know about it so you can develop strategies or get the condition under control. Referrals will be made where necessary.

Wraw is the world’s first psychometric tool that measures resilience and its impact on wellbeing. It is based on the 5 Pillars of Resilience, which provides a holistic view, covering thinking style and the emotional and physical elements that impact wellbeing. Once you’ve completed the Wraw test we will look at the results together and identify strengths and areas that require work. I will help you build up those areas of resilience that require build on. This test is a reflection of where you are right now.

Resilience Assessment and Coaching

We must eliminate any limiting beliefs that are standing the way of your goals. It won’t matter how many goals you set, how well, how hard you work, how many great contacts you have or even how talented you are. If your belief system isn’t onboard then you will continue to live by the beliefs you have, e.g. I am not capable, I am not good enough. I use the powerful Lefkoe Belief Process to help you get rid of limiting beliefs.

Once we’ve established short, medium and long term goals you want to set and how to set them using the SMART method. I will also show you some other strategies to ensure you set goals in a way that will increase your productivity, organisation and motivation.

SMART Goal Setting

We all know that practice is a vital ingredient to becoming an expert. What many don’t realise is that it is not just any old kind of practice. I will help you understand deliberate practice strategies and give you resources and strategies to practice effectively and productively.

I will assess your current vocal technique status and advise on a suitable regime that addresses any potential issues, suits your vocal workload and stylist needs. If necessary I may recommend you to a voice teacher for regular vocal coaching. If your main instrument is not voice then we will discuss how to get this assessed.

Together we will evaluate your live performance to identify areas that need improving or changing to fit your overall image or goals.

I will guide you through some physical, vocal and mindset warmups to suit your vocal workload, situations, and style. Together we will develop a set of regimes for each situation, I will help you understand how to adapt your warmups and cooldowns based on vocal condition, requirements, style, and performance situation.

Unlike an instrumentalist, the singer can not see their instrument. Understanding a bit about how it works will support you in your practice, use of your voice and maintaining it’s health. We will look at vocal and respiratory anatomy and physiology to help you get a grip on your instrument.

Your voice is how you earn your keep, express your creativity and communicate. Bottom line, without it there is no career. There are many reasons your vocal health may be at risk, sometimes it can’t be helped – shit happens. I will help you identify risk areas, suggest preventative measures, advice on health and wellbeing to increase your immunity and also advise on the signs and symptoms of an issue, what to do, when and who to see. We will look into different all the scenarios you perform under.

As you may already be aware this is a fairy lonely path. Whilst there may be others traveling with you such as band members, managers, agents, a label, production company, producer, other singers etc it is always nice to have someone there just for you. Someone who doesn’t have any ulterior motives or expectations. For the 12 months we are working together I will also be your support, sounding board and advisor, where appropriate and your accountability buddy. You will have access to me Monday – Friday, working hours and for emergencies via messaging system.


The first 12 weeks: We will meet 2 hours a week either in person at my studio or online using Zoom. 

Sessions will either be 2 hours or split into 2x 1 hour per week depending on requirements and preferences.

A full schedule will be created after the initial Audit session, taking into consideration your schedule and requirements and made up of the following components: 

  • Vocal technique assessment and regime
  • Warm up regime  
  • Limiting Belief Process 
  • Vocal Health Assessment 
  • Vocal Health Advice 
  • Practice strategies 
  • Career planning 
  • Evaluation 
  • Referral 

Beyond the 12 weeks, there will be a monthly catch up call for a further 9 months.

In between sessions and calls, you will have messaging access to me Monday to Friday, and on weekends for emergencies. I will commit to answering you within 24 hours or sooner if it’s urgent.


You will receive worksheets and handouts, websites, information on relevant products, services etc

If required I will provide you with audio recordings of any vocal exercise scales for you to be able to practice along with.

Our session will be recorded so you can review them as often as you want.

I sometimes use specific tools to aid with vocal technique, for example, the Bone Prop, these will be provided as necessary.


Over time every singer will collect their essential kit. I will help you build your kit with a few things I feel will be beneficial to your mental, physical and vocal health 

Included In The Kit:

  • voice steamer
  • throat massager
  • Vocalzone Singer’s Pack (pastilles & tea)
  • essential oils rescue kit
  • iSing Magazine lifetime membership
  • The Little Book of Talent by Daniel Coyle
  • straws for vocal warmup
  • free access to Dealing With Performance Anxiety Online course

The Singer's Kit

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