bad influences on our voice
  • Loss of vocal range?
  • Pain or discomfort during or after singing?
  • Hoarseness during or after singing?
  • Changes in speaking tone or pitch?
  • Fatigue after minimal use?
  • Changes in your voice after  starting a new medication?
  • Loss of vocal control?
  • Sensation of something being stuck in your throat?
  • Need to clear your throatcontinuously?
  • Or some other issue that prevents you from singing or enjoying singing

Are you at the end of your tether trying to figure out what’s wrong?

Tired of being told by the doctor that there is nothing wrong? Or that you are imagining it? Or not to sing ? Or to find another job?

Are you unsure where to go for help?  Or how urgent it is?

"I never thought I'd sing again" Shania Twain

What I can do

How this happens

What to expect

I can help you identify the best pathway to getting you up and singing again.

  • in person (London or Guildford)
  • online via Zoom

Before the session: you will fill out a questionnaire about your singing background, performance experience, your medical and health history and current symptoms.

In the session: If necessary I may have further questions or need more information. Then I will triage your symptoms for urgency and then give my recommendations, advice and resources.

I do not diagnose.

Urgent: I will direct you to a suitable medical/health practitioner for further advice and treatment.  I have a list of recommended practitioners from around the world who work specifically with performers.

Non-urgent: I’ll look at your singing background, practice strategies, lifestyle and vocal workload in order to suggest the best course of action.

This may include:

  • a specific vocal exercise regime
  • tailor-made warm up/cool down exercises – vocal and physical
  • referral to a vocal/singing teacher, medical and health practitioner
  • resources – literature, books, youtube, therapies, organisations etc that will help you specifically
  • vocal and general health advice

After the session: You will receive an email with my recommendations and any resources that I think might help you such as books, websites, YouTube videos or therapies.

Katie Holmes SmithLine is my go-to vocal coach in London. Her knowledge and experience in medical care and vocal health got me back to work after a bout of laryngitis in record time. Her attention to detail was so valuable. Giving me lots of tools to take home, recordings and a full write up of our lessons complete with a timetable and vocal programme to get me back to normal meant I wasn’t losing work or putting my voice at further risk.

Katie Holmes-Smith (Singer – Adele, Professor Green, Kylie Minogue, Ollie Murs)


  1. Email to book your appointment – in person or online
  2. Complete and submit the Vocal Health Assessment (VHA) form. Please note this is a Google Form and may require you to sign in to Google in order to complete

Book Your Vocal Health Assessment Session


  •  90min health assessment & consultation – £125
  • 120min health assessment, consultation, voice assessment plus a 15 minute follow up call – £150

Please note prepayment will be required.

Please note that by submitting the form you are agreeing to share your personal and health information with me.  All your data and information is dealt with confidentially and securely stored as per the Privacy Policy.

sarah Nixey (Blackbox Recorder)I lost my voice due to illness in the middle of recording an album. Line quickly got my voice back into shape with an individual rehabilitation programme that included very specific vocal exercises, and lots of advice on vocal health. I was back in the studio within a month and couldn’t be happier with the songs I recorded. Line has such a wealth of knowledge when it comes to how the voice works and performing arts medicine, I know I can rely on her to give me the best possible guidance and to achieve the results I want.

Sarah Nixey (singer/songwriter/Blackbox Recorder)