VocalizeU Artist Intensive, Los Angeles, July 5-14

If you are serious about a career in singing, or just serious about singing then I can HIGHLY recommend the VU Artist Intensive summer programme coming up in Los Angeles, July 5-14.

VU Artist Intensive 2012: Jordin Sparks talks about her career after American Idol and nearly losing it all due to vocal injury

Jordin Sparks talks about her career after American Idol and nearly losing it all due to vocal injury

I will be there along with some amazing teachers and music industry peeps who will inform and inspire your singing, performing, songwriting and artistic development. Last year Patrick Leonard (producer – Madonna, Jewel, Pink Floyd, Leonard Cohen, Elton John), Jordin Sparks, Ben Folds, and Natasha Bedingfield were special artist guests.

There are many types of classes to choose from including performance, songwriting, music biz, Musical theatre, teacher training, backing vocals and more. Every night there is an open mic night with a live band.

They have a competition on VU Artist Intensive Competition Details. Video yourself singing a song that showcases yourself to win a full scholarship place plus contribution towards your flight AND US$20,000  of pro audio gear. 


Check out the VocalizeU YouTube channel to see some of the Open Mic singers from 2012

As a seasoned performer, with 25 years of singing under my belt, I found this program to be an enriching experience filled with education, inspiration and camaraderie. The private instruction, Backing Vocals, Management and Songwriting classes were fantastic and the Open Mic performances and “Late Night” jam sessions were truly enchanting and invigorating! Additionally, hearing others sing while between classes lent a feeling of safety and security I’ve rarely experienced elsewhere. All in all, I highly recommend that anyone interested in singing, be it amateur or seasoned pro, attend this event to have a truly life changing experience. See you there! – Nara Boone
 “This program that Dave Stroud has developed was really a life changing experience, which taught me how to grow as a musician and vocalist. It gave me the opportunity to learn from some of the most recognized people in the music industry and work with various artists from all over the world. Not only did I learn from the best, but I was able to work with some of the top vocal coaches to perfect my skill.” – Carrissa Peros

VU Artist Intensive Competition Details