Why new year resolutions fail

It’s that time of the year again.

When we make new year resolutions to change our habits, set lofty goals and make promises we almost always end up breaking. When we make these resolutions our intentions are honest, honourable and sincere, so why is it so hard to follow through? How many times have you promised yourself “this year it is going to be different”? You’re going to give up smoking, lose weight, get organised, write one song a day, audition for that show, get that perfect gig, showcase your work in front of the right music industry people, do regular vocal exercises, learn to sing in Portuguese (oh, wait, that was me!), anyway you get it. Many of us start the year with such good intentions.

Why we give up

Why is it that many people end up giving up their resolutions after weeks or months, even when they desperately want to make these changes?  The answer is related to our beliefs. For instance, if you believe that “change is difficult” then you will not have the mindset required to make big changes. Your thoughts will dictate your behaviour and you will need to ensure that this belief is always true. If you believe “I’m not capable”, then no matter if you are or not you will need to live that truth. So you see even if your logical brain sees that change needs to occur, or that you will need to work at something challenging your fundamental beliefs will not let you be anything other than what you believe.

Eliminating limiting beliefs

In my practice, I’ve worked with many singers to help them achieve their goals. I’ve also worked on myself, so I can promise you unless you eliminate the beliefs standing in your way of success you will continue running around in circles, making the same mistakes and never achieving your goals and dreams.

I’ve trained in the Lefkoe Belief Process, developed by psychologist, Morty Lefkoe, to eliminate beliefs for myself and my clients. You can try it out for free HERE. Whether you use this process or another I urge you to work on eliminating limiting beliefs so you can go on to be your best self, sing with confidence, write beautiful songs, achieve your goals and help others through your music.