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Design Your Performance Career

December 2nd, 2018.
Time: 1-5pm
Cost: £27
Venue: Finchley Road Studios 485a Finchley Rd London NW3 6HS

  • Is your career going in the right direction?
  • Are you where you’d hoped you would be by now?
  • Are you suffering from a lack of confidence or motivation?
  • Struggling to juggle all the balls required for a successful and fulfilling career in performing arts?
  • Feeling alone and unsupported as an artist?
  • Lost in the wilderness of a music career?
  • Tired of being the ‘poor artist’?
  • Ready to take control?

You are not alone
I know from working with, and speaking to, thousands of singers that these are frequent and common thoughts and experiences.

What’s more I have realised that there are some common elements shared by those who do have successful careers. Ways they have found to overcome the obstacles, to achieve their goals and increase the chances of a happy, fulfilling and successful performing arts career.

And no, it is not about being born with talent. It’s about finding The Sweet Spot. Figuring out your passion, creating a plan and doing the work.

The Performer’s Edge
For the past seven years, I have been developing a programme for performer’s who wish to take ownership of their career. It started at the Academy of Contemporary Music, where, as the head of vocals, I noticed there were some students who were talented but lacked confidence, development strategies and understanding of themselves as the artist. I devised a program to help these performers overcome the obstacles standing in the way of their success on stage, for exams, auditions and to support them in forging a performance career.

Since then I have modified, augmented and refined the course. I have delivered it in various forms over the years, and the content informs much of my one2one work with singers who are serious about a singing career. But now it is in its ultimate form, The Performer’s Edge is ready to be launched in January 2019.

Find out more
To introduce this programme I have designed a taster workshop called, Design Your Performance Career. This workshop will bring you lots of useful advice, tips, and resources to get yourself on the right track to career success. No matter where you are on your singing journey my goal is to support you along the way and to ensure you achieve success, whatever that means to you.

Is a 4-hour workshop that will bring you lots of useful advice, tips, and resources to get yourself on the right track to a performing arts career success.

Who will this workshop suit?

  • Anyone serious about a singing/performance career – artist, session, touring, theatre, all genres
  • Singers/performers already working but wanting to take it to the next level or down another track e.g from jobbing singer to artist or vice-versa

What’s covered in the workshop

  • The three ingredients required to hit the career sweet spot and why they are vital to your success
  • The five key areas you need to address, develop and manage as a professional
  • Digging deep into your specific goals and ambitions and how to make them a reality
  • Self Audit: Identifying what’s working and what needs further developing
  • My Unique Identity – who are you as the artist, singer. performer? How can you stand out from the crowd?
  • What’s next?

NB Class size is limited to 10 


If you’re willing to apply the concepts, to look within and stay consistent, this programme will open up a totally different experience from the usual grind as a musician/artist. Luke Nederveen Singer/Songwriter/Producer (UK)


The Performers Edge programme with Line has been pivotal to getting me back to what I want to achieve as a performer and an artist. Anita Malzone Jazz Vocalist (Ireland)


The Performers Edge had a profound impact on my internal approach to being an artist, a performer and just a human being in general. jackinwater.com Signed Singer/Songwriter (UK)


The programme has changed both my work and personal life in such a positive way, I have been talking and thinking about it ever since!  Kat Stephens Singer and Vocal Coach (UK)