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If I hadn’t had first-hand experience of getting rid of a lifetime of beliefs that ruled my every decision, conversation, reaction and relationship I would not have believed it was possible. I have managed to rid myself of nearly 100 beliefs from, “I’m not good enough”, “I’m a failure”, “I don’t deserve success”, “I don’t fit in” and “I’m stupid”. Even as I write these words I am stunned to recognise that I lived believing they were THE truth. Now they mean nothing to me, I am in the space of the creator and excited at what’s possible.

Developed by psychologist, Morty Lefkoe, the Lefkoe Belief Process is a unique and researched process to help people live the lives they want and deserve. You may not even know you have many of these limiting beliefs, all you know is that you lack confidence, feel useless, live in a state of fear and anxiety, overreact in particular situations, feel angry, have obsessive behaviours, can’t get ahead in work and life, have financial difficulties, don’t have unsatisfactory relationships, procrastinate, feel stressed and that you are not living the life you want.

Underneath these symptoms lie many beliefs when these beliefs are eliminated the symptoms go away. For instance, I always believed I was naturally shy because I found social situations awkward and at times painful. I have left many a party or event early due to feeling so uncomfortable and out of place. I found conversing with people I didn’t already know excruciating. The kind of thoughts that spun around my brain included, “They will think I’m stupid, they don’t like me, they think I’m a fool, I don’t fit in here, I’m not clever enough to converse with this person, I am being judged badly, I am not cool enough, I have to say something clever or funny to be liked.” And these are only some of the thoughts! As a result of these thoughts I came across as aloof and distant, I spoke very quietly, often people didn’t realise I was speaking and thought I was being rude by not contributing, I was excluded and this was hurtful. As I started to eliminate beliefs such as “I don’t fit in”, “I am stupid”, I’m not worthy”, “I’m not important” and “I’m not good enough” I found my confidence in social settings where I didn’t know people started to become much more enjoyable and I connected with people more easily. Given my business networking need this has made a huge difference to my ability to go out an meet new industry people and connect with people I can collaborate with and get work from.

It is not only myself that has benefited from this process. After completing level 3 of the Lefkoe Belief Process training many of my clients have also eliminated limiting beliefs. They are over the moon with the changes they’ve experienced. If you don’t believe you are good enough or have what it takes then this will have to be your truth, no matter what happens or what other people say. So you will live your truth, you will not achieve your goals and dreams. Without limiting beliefs, you can just get on with doing what needs to be done in order to take you to where you want to go, trust me when I say it is empowering, liberating, fun, exciting, grounding…and much more. Being in the state of the creator means the possibilities of all possibilities is your truth, there are no limitations.

Gemma Milburn

Working with Line on eliminating some of my limiting beliefs has been absolutely life changing for me. I used to consider myself to be shy and less capable of success than others, but now I feel like a completely different person. I am doing things that I didn’t believe I was capable of, and my career is really taking off as a result. The process is easy, painless and enjoyable, and Line is hugely supportive and easy to talk to. I truly cannot recommend her enough. Gemma Milburn 

Limiting Belief Process (LBP) work is done either in person or online. You do not have to be a performer to do this work, it applies to anyone who wants to make changes in their life and work, improve relationships, achieve their goals or overcome fear, depression or anxiety.

There is a minimum requirement of 4x 1-hour sessions. If after one session you are not happy then you may cancel the rest of the sessions and a refund will be made. The first session will be then charged at my usual hourly rate.

All information is confidential and safeguarded as per GDPR regulations (Privacy Policy)

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