The Getting Over It Free Webinar Series

Each month I will go into the why, what, when and why’s of the obstacles that hold us back from achieving a life of success, freedom and purpose.

January's Webinar


Monday January 20th 7PM GMT (Time Convertor)

“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.” George Harrison (Any Road)

In this free webinar Line will discuss why it’s important to consider finding the right road to take towards your goals, why new year’s resolutions are often abandoned within weeks of making them and the art of goal setting.

Line will explain how to go about finding the right road, how to set goals and how to stay on track.

Who should attend?

  • Anyone who is not where they want to be in life or career.
  • Anyone who’s set goals and targets in the past and abandoned them
  • Anyone with wonderful dreams and determined to achieve them but in need of some guidance

So what does Line know about all this anyway?

  • She has achieved her personal goal of working with creative people at an international level – goal made in 2001
  • She has learned many ‘life lessons’ through nursing, singing and teaching, and of course her own life!
  • Line has worked with, interviewed and closely observed a wide range of humans from children to hardened criminals, every day people to celebrities, commoners to nobility, business pros to performers.
  • She set off to become an entrepreneur in 2011 and now runs three busy businesses – her own private practice as a vocal, performance and resilience coach, – training for singers who wish to become singing teachers and – an online magazine for singers
  • She loves zapping beliefs – hers and yours
  • She has eliminated the majority of her beliefs, thoughts and behaviours that held her back for 5 decades (yes, she’s old of a wise age)
  • She believes you can do this, just not alone

You can dig deeper into Line’s training, qualifications and experience HERE

There will also be a Q&A and a special offer for a Rapid Transformational therapy session.

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Gemma Milburn

Working with Line on eliminating some of my limiting beliefs has been absolutely life changing for me. I used to consider myself to be shy and less capable of success than others, but now I feel like a completely different person. I am doing things that I didn’t believe I was capable of, and my career is really taking off as a result. The process is easy, painless and enjoyable, and Line is hugely supportive and easy to talk to. I truly cannot recommend her enough. Gemma Milburn

Nerissa Campbell

My life as a musician has become much easier since my work with Line – the beliefs that I have carried with me for so long are no longer around to hold me back, and I have been exhilarated at finding a new energy for life in general. I feel I am better able to share what I do with a commitment that is free of personal restraint. Nerissa Campbell

Kimberley Cartlidge

My RTT session with Line Hilton has completely transformed how I feel about my voice and really helped me connect to my performance. The anxiety I often felt prior to singing has disappeared and I’m able to enjoy myself on stage and when I’m songwriting again. I’m loving how creative, productive and empowered I feel! I can’t stop talking about it and recommending it to people! Kimberley Cartlidge

“When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.” Confucius

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