There are a variety of ways I will be able to help you in a one2one session. Find an option that suits your needs and let’s talk!


Vocal development:

You have talent and a passion, but your instrument needs conditioning, building and strengthening. No different to the athlete. A good vocal technique will give you the freedom to explore your creativity safely, it will not change your vocal identity. I approach voice training from a functional and acoustical modification angle helping you to gain control over your instrument as easily and speedily as possible.


Tour/gig/concert/recording studio prep:

Vocal, physical and mental warm-ups for you and your BVs – at your venue, studio or online. Warmups/cool down regime or bespoke vocal exercises specific to your vocal and performance needs.

Troubleshooting voice and performance issues


Ironing out that issue, so you deliver your best performance, recording or audition. Either with me or with you e.g. the recording studio (travel fees may apply)


Resilience Coaching

Resilience Coaching

Improve your ability to cope with the pressures and challenges of life and work by strengthening your 5 Pillars of Resilience – Energy, Future Focus, Inner Drive, Flexible Thinking and Strong Relationships.

We will start by auditing on your current resilence levels using the Wraw psychometric tool. Once the report has been generated we will go through it together to identify areas of strength and areas that require development. I will then provide you with resources, advice, and coaching to help you build on your resilience. Find out more about the power of Wraw here.

Since working with Line I have increased my vocal range and gained a full rich, rounded tone. Other people, professional and non-professional, have noticed the improvement, but more importantly, I can notice the difference. It gives me added confidence knowing that whether I perform a straight forward ballad, improvise over changes or sing a fast vocalese I can reach all the notes I need. More than ever before I can sing with amazing ease. Developing my vocal technique isn’t work, it’s pure pleasure! Anita Wardell BBC Jazz Award for Best of Jazz 2006) UK

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If I am not suitable for any reason then I can highly recommend a number of fantastic singing teachers around the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, SE Asia, and Europe.